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    Tisbury Foot care









  • Foot Clinic

    Tisbury Foot Clinic

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    Foot Clinic -

    Tuesdays - Upstairs

    Wednesdays - Downstairs

    Saturdays - Downstairs


    Not Just Backs, High Street, Tisbury, SP3 6HH

    Light airy rooms with suitable adjustable seating ideal for an enjoyable foot care experience. Underfloor heating in the downstairs room.


  • Your foot care experience

    Appointments 30-40 mins contact time 



    A Medical History form will be completed prior to your visit. At your appointment you will be asked what your concerns are regarding your feet and your medical history will be discussed and an overall assessment of the feet will be taken. If you require subsequent visits I will check that your medical history is up to date and continue to monitor your foot health.




    Once we have discussed what is required and agreed the necessary action I will carry out the appropriate treatment. An appropriate foot cream or heel balm will be applied at the end of your treatment. I can also make devices to offload pressure, e.g. silicon moulds to help separate toes.



    I will advise what you may need to do or use at home to continue to care for your feet. We will make a plan for further visits where necessary and If I believe you need further help I will advise you accordingly.


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    Toenail cutting

    Reducing/thinning thickened nails

    Involuted/Ingrowing toenails

    Callus and corn removal

    Heel fissure debridement (cracked heels)

    Diabetic foot care

    Paddings/Moulds to relieve pressure/pain

    Fungal infection advice/treatment

    Verruca advice/treatment

    Dry skin treatment

    Footcare and footwear advice

    ...and any other concerns regarding your feet


    Be as active, safe and mobile as you can be



  • Testimonials

    "So delighted to have discovered Emily, she is totally professional, a delightful person and certainly knows her job. I would thoroughly recommend her" Jane, Chilmark


    "No longer able to attend to my feet, having someone care for them is such a treat. I like walking and when treatment is done my feet feel so good I think I could even run" Marilyn, Tisbury


    "Emily has been looking after my feet for nearly 2 years. I am extremely happy with her treatments and my feet feel renewed after she has been to see me, Five Stars!" Tim, Tuckingmill


    "Emily is very skilful and conscientious. She concentrates on her work and does an extremely good job" Elizabeth, Hindon


    "Am delighted to recommend Emily Boulting of FeetFirst. It is such a pleasure to meet (and be treated by) such a competent, reliable, pleasant and professional lady" Ann, Tisbury

  • Appointment Information

    Clinic protocol

    1. I will contact you prior to your appointment to check you are well.
    2. Please ring the doorbell.
    3. Appointments will last approximately 30 - 40 minutes
    4. The windows will be open during the appointment for ventilation.
    5. If you think you will need a drink please bring a bottle with you as there is no drinking water available.
    6. After each patient I will be removing PPE, washing hands, cleaning surfaces and then updating your records.

    Home visit protocol

    • Ring patient prior to my visit to check all is well for the appointment to go ahead.
    • I will be wearing apron and gloves for your treatment.
    • Payment will need to be ready/no change will be given. Card payment is available where my phone has reception, I take cheques and cash but don't carry cash for change.
    • PPE will be taken off and wrapped up for disposal in your bin

  • Location

    Tisbury foot clinic (Tisbury Foot Care on map) is situated on the High Street in a red brick building on the opposite side to the garage (Tisbury Motor Company on map) and next to the Victoria Hall which is on the corner of the High Street and Park Road. Parking is available on the street outside, round the corner on Park Road or there is a Free car park on The Avenue near the Fire Station next to the public toilets.

    There are three steps with a handrail up to the door and you will see a sign for the Osteopathy clinic. Alternatively you can avoid the steps by going round the back off of Park Road up a driveway between Elizabeth Hall and the entrance for Tisbury Doctors Surgery. You will see a double garage with a pathway to the left where you will then go through a wooden gate round the side of the building to the front entrance avoiding any steps. If you let me know that you will be using this entrance I will leave the gate open for you.


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    If you would like to follow me on Facebook please do.

    You can find me by searching 'Feet First Tisbury'.

  • HEALTHY FEET screening

    Telephone screening:

    I will telephone you on the day of your appointment to check that you are feeling well for your appointment to go ahead. I am continuing to rearrange appointments for when you are better even if you just have cold-like symptoms.




    Just as we regularly visit the dentist, hygienist and opticians, we also need to consider our feet, particularly those who are getting older, are less mobile or are experiencing

    problems or concerns about their feet.

    Healthy feet help us to get the most out of life!



    If you have any enquiries or would like to arrange an appointment

    contact Emily Boulting by phone, email or facebook.

    Clinic appointments £40 (£43 from 18th March)

    (Clinic appointments are encouraged but home visits are available for those who struggle to get out and about)

    Homes visits £50 (£55 from 18th March)

    Card payment available.

    Cash and cheques also accepted)

    (contactless, applepay etc available in clinic)

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    07551 751642







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    I am a qualified Foot Health Professional having trained at the SMAE Institiute.

    My knowledge is expanded and updated through Continuing Professional Development.

    I am fully insured and a member of the Association of Foot Health Professionals and

    College of Foot Health Professionals.

    I am trained in First Aid and have had all of my Covid 19 vaccinations

    I adhere to Infection Control Guidelines and use sterilised instruments for your treatment.

    I also adhere to Data Protection Laws so that your information will remain confidential.

    You can read my Patient's Charter below.

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    Patient's Charter

    To keep you safe during your appointment I adhere to the following Patient's Charter:

    1. To prevent cross contamination, all instruments have been cleaned and sterilised.

    2. The footrest and foot tray are sterilised between patients.

    3. Hands are washed and hand gel is applied. New gloves, apron and mask are worn for each patient.

    4. A mandatory full medical history will be taken before first visit and records kept up to date.

    5. Patient information will be kept confidential.

    6. Patients' feet will be disinfected prior to examination/treatment.

    7. A new scalpel blade will be used for each new patient and disposed of correctly.

    8. Aseptic techniques will be used with the patient to prevent cross contamination.

    9. High quality equipment, instruments, medicaments and dressings will be used.

    10. Feet First has an ongoing commitment to training to ensure the highest level of treatment can be delivered.

    11. Feet First pledges to provide quality professional and personal foot health treatment to every patient.